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Board Meeting Schedule
Board Meeting
Time Principal Location Comments
Wednesday, July 01, 201510:30 a.m.SpringfieldStatutory meeting for election of Chairman and Vice Chairman.
Thursday, July 23, 201510:00 a.m.SpringfieldCourt ordered date to certify the ballot for the September 10, 2015 Special Election in the 18th Congressional District.
Tuesday, August 18, 201510:30 a.m.Chicago 
Monday, September 21, 201510:30 a.m.Springfield 
Monday, September 21, 201510:30 a.m.SpringfieldAdditional material.
Friday, October 09, 201510:30 a.m.ChicagoProclamation of results from the September 10, 2015 Special Election in the 18th Congressional District.
Friday, October 09, 201510:30 a.m.ChicagoAdditional material.
Monday, November 16, 201510:30 a.m.Springfield 
Monday, November 16, 201510:30 a.m.SpringfieldAmended Agenda
Monday, December 14, 201510:30 a.m.ChicagoState Officers Electoral Board Meeting.
Tuesday, December 22, 201510:30 a.m.Chicago 
Thursday, January 07, 201610:30 a.m.ChicagoStatutory date to certify ballot for March primary election.
Wednesday, January 20, 201610:30 a.m.ChicagoState Officers Electoral Board Meeting.
Wednesday, February 17, 201610:30 a.m.ChicagoRegular meeting date changed due to holiday.
Monday, March 21, 201610:30 a.m.Springfield 
Friday, April 15, 201610:30 a.m.ChicagoProclamation of results of the March Primary Election.
Monday, May 16, 201610:30 a.m.Springfield 
Tuesday, June 21, 201610:30 a.m.Chicago 
Each meeting is connected via video conference in the non-principal location. If the principal location is Springfield, the non-principal location is Chicago and vice versa. All meetings will begin at 10:30 a.m. Dates, times and location of the meetings are subject to change. Notice of any changes will be posted prior to the meeting or information can be obtained by calling 217/782-4141 or 312/814-6440.

State Board of Elections office locations:
2329 S. MacArthur Blvd.
Springfield, Illinois 62704
Telephone: 217/782-4141
Fax: 217/782-5959
James R. Thompson Center
100 West Randolph
Suite 14-100
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Telephone: 312/814-6440
Fax: 312/814-6485

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