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Displaying Events for 9/25/2014

Event:Last day to register for pollwatcher credentials
Event Date(s):9/25/2014
Description:Last day for organizations of citizens which have among its purposes the investigation or prosecution of election fraud, ballot proposition proponents or opponents and State non-partisan civic organizations to register their names and addresses and the names and addresses of their principal officers with the proper election authority if such organization(s) person(s) wish to qualify for pollwatchers at the General Election.
(10 ILCS 5/17-23)

Event:First day to file notice to create political subdivision
Event Date(s):9/25/2014
Description:First day notice of intention to file a petition to create a political subdivision whose officers are to be elected, rather than appointed, may be published in a newspaper within the proposed political subdivision, or if none, in a newspaper of general circulation within the proposed territory.

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Calendar Events