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Filing With IDIS Version 2.0 Will No Longer Be Possible As Of August 3, 2014
Date: 7/21/2014
Description: All political committees currently using IDIS2 must transfer their data to IDIS3 by August 3, 2014. No reports can be filed using IDIS2 after this date.

In August 2013 we released IDIS3, a new web-based version of the software used to electronically file your disclosure reports. Some of the advantages are listed below:

• It is a web-based system whereby you can access data, enter receipts and expenditures, and file reports from any computer that has internet access.
• More than one person can be entering data simultaneously.
• You will no longer need to worry about losing your data.
• Your data will reside on the Board’s servers.
• You will never need to back up your data – the Board does that for you.
• There will be no more problems with downloading and installing the IDIS program as it will no longer physically reside on your computer.
• Your data is secure; you can access your data only if you have your user name and password.
• You no longer have to worry about accepting updates and waiting for them to load on your computer.

If you have not already done so, please take some time to transfer your data now as you will no longer be able to use the previous version of the software (IDIS2) after August 3, 2014. If you would like assistance with this transfer, please contact a member of the Campaign Disclosure staff at 217-782-4141 (Springfield) or 312-814-6440 (Chicago). We will be more than happy to assist you with the migration to the new software and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

To access IDIS3, and for instructions regarding the transfer of data, go to ‘Spotlight’ on the lower left hand corner of the Board’s home page and look for ‘IDIS v3.0’.

If you are filing on paper, using filing software provided by an outside vendor, or if you have already transferred your data, please disregard this notice.

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