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Business Entity Registration for Procurement (BEREP)

Public Act 95-0971 as amended by Public Act 96-0848, 97-0411 and 97-0895 was effective January 1, 2009. As a result, certain business entities were required to register with the State Board of Elections. If a business had existing contracts, had bid on contracts not yet awarded, or had a combination of existing contracts or bids which in aggregate exceeded more than $50,000, it was required to register with the Board within 30 days of the date of the law’s implementation. In addition, if a business entity not initially required to register, subsequently exceeds the $50,000 threshold in aggregate annually, it must register prior to submitting to a State Agency the bid or proposal whose value causes the business entity to register. The law requires disclosure of the name of the Business Entity, the names of all affiliated businesses, and the names of all affiliated persons. Furthermore, if you have additional questions regarding BEREP registration and its implementation please feel free to review the Rules and Regulations.

A business may register electronically by going to or by accessing the Board website at and clicking on the Business Registration tab. The first step in the registration process is to create a user account. The user account must be activated by clicking on the link in the e-mail which will be sent from the Board to the person registering the user account. After the account has been created and activated, the user will enter the business name, address, identification number, phone number, and e-mail address. At the time of submission, the business name and identification number will be verified by the Illinois Department of Revenue. If verified, the user may begin entering affiliated entities and affiliated persons. An updated certificate of registration is produced upon registration as well as each time any required information is changed by the user, and may be printed at any time.

Business Entity Registration for Procurement (BEREP)