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We're redesigning our website and we want your input!

Calendar Events

Displaying Events for 1/29/2019

Event Date(s):1/27/2019 12:00:00 AM - 1/29/2019 12:00:00 AM
Location(s):2019 CP
Description:Dates for filing Lodging House Affidavits listing the names and descriptions of those residents who list such location as their voting addresses with Boards of Election Commissioners. (The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 may prohibit enforcement of this provision.) (10 ILCS 5/6-56)

Event Date(s):1/29/2019
Location(s):2019 CP
Description:Last day for regular registration or transfer of registration within the offices of the election authority. Grace period registration and voting will be available after this date. Online registration through the State Board of Elections website will continue through February 10, 2019. Area and precinct registration may apply to the City of Chicago and Cook County. Please check with these jurisdictions for registration deadlines.
(10 ILCS 5/4-6, 4-16, 5-5, 5-23, 6-29, 6-50, 6-53, 6-54)

NOTE: Under the provisions of NVRA, agency and motor vehicle offices will continue to accept registration after the statutory close of registration. Only those registration applications completed no later than 27 days (16 days for Motor Vehicle Offices) before the election will be processed for the next ensuing election. Applications for registration completed within five days of the registration deadline at Secretary of State facilities and qualified agencies will be transmitted within five days of completion and must be processed for the election. A mail registration application shall be deemed timely filed if postmarked prior to the close of registration. If no postmark exists or if the postmark is illegible, the application shall be considered timely filed if received by the election authority no later than five calendar days after the close of registration.

Event Date(s):1/29/2019
Location(s):2019 CP
Description:Last day for registration of voters by deputy registrars, including municipal, township and road district clerks and precinct committeemen. Area and precinct registration may apply to the City of Chicago and Cook County. Please check with these jurisdictions for registration deadlines.
10 ILCS 5/4-6.2, 5-16.2, 6-50.2)

NOTE: Deputy Registrars must return completed forms to the election authority within seven days of the day on which they are completed. Deputy Registrars must return all registration materials within 48 hours of registration/cancellation if such registration/cancellation was accepted between the 35th and 28th day preceding an election.

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Calendar Events