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Information Available Online

Information Available Online
The first electronic report filed with the Board was the 1999 June Semi-Annual Report. Electronic filing was voluntary for that first filing. Beginning with the 1999 December Semi-Annual Report, electronic filing was mandatory for all committees exceeding a $25,000 threshold. In 2003, the threshold dropped to $10,000, which is where it will remain until further legislative action. Voluntary filing is encouraged and approximately 75% of committees are now filing electronically with the percentage increasing each filing period.

All reports filed electronically may be viewed and printed from the Board website. This includes all summary and itemized information. The reports may be accessed on our website at the time of filing. There is no delay; what is viewed on the website is what is submitted by the filer.

In addition to electronically filed data, itemized information prior to 1999 is available on the Board's website; this is, prior to electronic filing. From July 1994 through December 1998, itemized receipts from semi-annual reports filed by all legislative candidates and officeholders, all statewide candidates and officeholders, and the leadership committees were hand-entered by Board staff. Remember, this data is receipts only, no expenditures.

Many committees still file paper reports. Beginning January 1, 2009, all reports, documents, and statements filed on paper are being scanned and are available for viewing on the Board website. Also available online for those committees are the summary totals, such as beginning fund balance, the total for each part, total receipts, total in-kind contributions, total expenditures, and total debts and obligations. These are not available until entered by Board staff. No searchable information is available online when reports are filed on paper. Each listed report indicates whether it was filed electronically or on paper.

Information Available Online