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Who Must File Electronically?

Who Must File Electronically?
If a political committee has $10,000 or more in receipts or expenditures, or has a balance of $10,000 or more at the end of a reporting period, electronic filing of disclosure reports is mandatory.

Once a committee passes the electronic filing threshold it must file all reports electronically, even if it drops back below the threshold. If a committee is required to file electronically, paper filings of reports will no longer be accepted.

The Board encourages all political committees to file electronically, even if they do not reach the mandatory electronic filing threshold. Committees that have not reached the threshold have the option of filing any given report electronically or on paper.

Any committee not required to file electronically is encouraged to voluntarily file its campaign disclosure reports electronically.

The D-1 Statement of Organization cannot be filed electronically and must be filed on paper.

Who Must File Electronically?