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Who is Running for Office?

Even-Numbered Years
Candidates for federal and statewide offices, state senator and state representatives, judges, and multi-County School offices file petitions or certificates of nomination with the State Board of Elections.

Search candidates by name, district, office name, or date of filing for elections from 1998 to present. In even-numbered years, candidates for established parties file for the primary election. Independent and new party candidates file for the general election. Search results provide candidate information such as address, date and time of filing, candidate status (active, or withdrawn) and whether an objection has been filed to the petitions.

Copies of petitions filed with State Board of Elections may be obtained from the State Board of Election's principal office in Springfield (217-782-4141). Full payment must be received in either the Springfield or Chicago office before staff will copy petitions.

Judges seeking retention file with the Secretary of State and will appear on the Board’s site following certification by the SOS.

For general elections, the Illinois Voter Guide provides additional information on candidates seeking statewide and congressional offices as well as Illinois Supreme or Appellate Court judgeships. Entries may include a photo of the candidate, educational and professional background, as well as public policy statements. The guide also includes information on any statewide public question that will appear on the general election ballot.

Candidates who are running for county offices (i.e., county clerk, state’s attorney, county board member) file nominating papers with the county clerk or county board of election commissioners (DuPage). Many election authorities have websites that include candidate filing information. Please check with the local election authority for a list of candidates who have filed in their jurisdiction.

Odd-Numbered Years
Candidates for township, municipal, park, library, school and other elective special district offices file nominating petitions with the local election authority (multi-township assessors) or local election official (township clerk, municipal clerk, park district secretary, etc.). The list of candidates seeking elective office in the odd-numbered years will be available from the office where the candidates file their nominating papers.

Who is Running for Office?