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Schedule A-1

Schedule A-1
A Schedule A-1 is a special, stand-alone report required for larger contributions received by political committees. Specifically, it is used to report contributions of $1000 or more received from a single source.

Any political committee receiving a contribution (including loans, personal monies, and in-kind contributions) of $1,000 or more must file a Schedule A-1 within 5 business days of receipt.

30 days prior to an election, participating political committees must file a Schedule A-1 within two business days of receipt.

A committee participates in the election if it:
  • Has a candidate or proposition on the ballot
  • Spends more than $500 in support of or in opposition to any candidate(s) or proposition(s) on the ballot
  • Spends more than $500 for any form of communication making a clear appeal to vote for or against a candidate, party, or question of public policy on the ballot
Committees forming to support or oppose any candidate(s) or any questions(s) of public policy appearing on the next election ballot always qualify as participating political committees.

Form Schedule A-1

Schedule A-1